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Back In The Day: Kandi Burruss Recalls The Time Tiny Harris Swung On Her...while Pregnant! (video)

Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris are very close friends, but that wasn't always the case during their Xscape days. While sitting in as a guest co-host on "The Real," Kandi recalled an incident, back in the day, where a pregnant Tiny swung on her and she swung back! Oh this is so sad, I hate to tell y'all this. But Tiny was pregnant when she swung on me and I swung on her back. It's so terrible. I love her to death, but I mean I feel like, if you come at me, I'm coming at you. You know, I'm sorry. They broke it up quick with
that situation. That one got broken up real quick, but yeah I mean you know... She swung on me first... Look, she was cursing me out, I was being cool and then she said something that like... she called me the "b" word, I called her the "b" word back. And then she got mad 'cause I called her the "b" word, but she said it first! So she swung on me and I swung on her back, but they broke us up real quick. And then we started laughing like ten minutes later, but no I have multiple situations... Watch the clip below:

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