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Like Father Like Son: Quincy Remakes Al B. Sure's Classic Hit 'nite And Day"- Listen Now

Quincy Brown is paying homage to his father Al B. Sure by remaking his classic 90's hit single, "Nite and Day." The 26-year-old singer and star of Lee Daniels' hit music drama, "Star," was once estranged from his R&B singing father and was practically raised by Diddy as one of his own. But now, Quincy, who is the spitting image of his father, says, "Me and my dad, our communication level started to increase." When he decided
to do the remake of "Nite and Day," Quincy kept his dad out of the creative process. He told Billboard, "I kind of surprised him with [the remake]. I didn't talk to him about it like 'This is what I wanna do.' I just wanted to put my all into it and almost surprised him with it - like 'Hey, let's hang out. Let's go in the studio, I want you to hear some stuff.'"

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#albsure and son #quincy. In the studio.

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