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30 Unanswered Questions About Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'oir's 'mane Event' Wedding

In typical Gucci Mane fashion, the rapper's wedding to Keyshia Ka'oir was a must-see spectacle, complete with celebrity guests, a diamond-encrusted bouquet, and... lots of awkward moments. BET aired the holy matrimony-dubbed The Mane Event-live and in its entirety last night, allowing the world a peek into La Flare's and his wife's special day. While we're happy for the couple and have a ton of respect for how the new Mr. and Mrs. Davis have stayed together and stayed shining through good times and bad (shout out to love!), there were moments during the broadcast that left us scratching our heads. Here are some of the questions that had thinking face emojis ringing off in our texts once the telecast ended. Why weren't family members interviewed? Why wasn't there a live musical performance? Monica was there, couldn't she have performed? Wasn't Gucci Mane trying to book Beyoncé, according to his latest song with Drake? Where did the $1.5 million budget go? Why was Gucci holding both rings? Why wasn't there a bridesmaid holding Keyshia's bouquet during the ceremony? Why was
Keyshia stone-faced during the ceremony? Why wasn't the show aired leading up to the wedding? Kinda weird watching the series now when we've obviously seen the outcome. If the wedding was live, what was happening during the commercial breaks? Why was Keyshia swaying back and forth? Where was the Atlanta presence? Were Keyshia's kids there? Does Gucci have a kid as well? Who was the little girl with the tiara in the Southern belle dress? Who was the guy wearing the white hat at the beginning? Was it Keyshia's dad? Why were Karrueche Tran and Kendall Kyndall chosen as hosts? Why did Karrueche nervously laugh when she didn't know what to ask? Why was Kim Zolciak there? And what's the real reason Kroy Biermann didn't attend with Kim? Is Gucci still beefing with Deb, Waka and Nicki? How much did Keyshia's dress cost? Why did she do the awkward, coordinated two-step down the aisle? Waas OJ da Juiceman invited? Did Gucci steal Keyshia from Yo Gotti? What's the real timeline of their relationship? Whatever happened to Mac Breezy? Besides "diamonds," what was the theme of the wedding? Why was the pastor wearing tennis shoes?
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