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Masha Ambrosius Gets Engaged During A Mannequin Challenge ,

Mom-to-be Marsha Ambrosius just got engaged to her boyfriend Dez Billups at her baby shower and she announced the news in the cutest and most timely way possible-with a #mannequinchallenge video, of course. In the video, posted today on
Ambrosius' Instagram account, the camera slowly scans around a home filled with guests, holding as still as they can for the cameras, and concludes with a close up of Billups on bended knee proposing to his ladylove.

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"Don't take all day to know what you want" - @angiewrites @kimovaevrything @marshaambrosius -"Luh You" @harmonysamuels @cassyathenaphoto -📷 @darealbobbyc @calibreezy328 #mannequinchallenge #NYLA @im_doper_then_yall #SayYes #ISaidYes @dezsofly 💕

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