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Keke Palmer Chastises Fans For Egging On Celebrity Beefs (videos)

Keke Palmer attempted to be the voice of reason after social media was flooded with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's cyber beef on Tuesday. The "Scream Queens" star chastised fans for relishing in celebrity beefs and egging them on in the comment sections. When her message fell on deaf ears and some folks began to attack her for her message of accountability, Keke popped off writing: Here y'all go. For everybody in the comments ab out to go in, guess who doesn't give a f**k. Keke. It doesn't make sense for y'all to be egging folks
on to beat eachothers asses. That's stupid and when somebody wind up hurt ain't nobody gonna take responsibility for it. Y'all gon' take y'all asses right back to these comments and say "you could've went harder." I am responsible for my actions, I turn being petty into a stand up show and catch phrase, back up off me. Cause what I will NEVER do, is agree to black brothers beating the sh*t out of one another. we not slaves. That's not entertainment, that's cultural consciousness that I refuse. GOD BLESS. see the video below

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We ARE our brothers keeper. Just think WE can do better.

A video posted by Laurennnn Palmer (@kekepalmer) on

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