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Moniece Slaughter Trashes Tank & Claims She Aborted His Baby At 19 (video)

Moniece Slaughter is trashing Tank in a new interview with All Def Digital. The "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star didn't hold anything back as she responded to a previous interview he did, where he painted her as an obsessed young buck he smashed and passed. According to Moniece, she was in a "relationship" with the R&B singer it wasn't a one night stand. She went on
to say they had "unprotected sex multiple times" and Tank got her pregnant when she was 19. She added that she chose to abort the baby. But, it didn't stop there. Moniece also claims Tank cheats on his longtime girlfriend, Zena Foster. Then, she accused Zena of cheating on Tank with The Game. Clean up on aisle 6 cause Moniece is spilling tea everywhere. Watch her interview below.

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