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Joseline Hernandez Co-hosts 'the Real' & Reveals Her Crush On Tamera Mowry (video)

Joseline Hernandez is set to sit in as the special guest co-host of "The Real" next week (Jan 23-27). The new mommy and "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star talks about everything from the shock of Stevie J's defamation suit to co-parenting with him. I promise you I did not know he was suing me. It's crazy, but you know what,
that's another Steven Jordan shenanigans. Typical him to get attention. You know, I'm not even mad at him. You know, people go through things and the thing, the most important thing right now is that we can co-parent. That's what's most important. Joseline also revealed her longtime crush on Tamera Mowry, who was completely shocked by the news. Watch the clips below.

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