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J. Holiday Blasts Beyonce, Sza & Cardi B For Using Their Pain To Sell Records (video)

J. Holiday hopped on social media on Sunday night to get a few things off of his chest! Apparently, the singer is sick and tired of women like Beyonce, SZA and Cardi B for using their pain to sell music and scoop Grammy nominations. J. posted a video on his Instagram page
ranting about how the "black man is losing to black women." He captioned the clip: #asablackmutherf-ckingmanYes salty I lost to MJB I'm over it! #painwins not talent! #dontsupportjunkiemusic #theweekendchick #watermelonswallowing #forgeignp-ssy what are U doing to help? Bc my daughters love ya'll but are not allowed to listen. That's a problem.

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