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Three Year Old Fatally Wounded In Car With Godparents

Christian Miller who was just three, was shot and fatally wounded while riding in a car on the Southfield freeway. "He was on his way to see Sesame Street Live," said Mario Campbell. Campbell's 3 year old son was sitting right next to the victim Christian. He feels bad about the loss of his godson, but thankful his boy is okay. He just wants to know who did this. "My son and godson was in the car and I want somebody to talk," Campbell said. The child was hit on the freeway. Authorities say when his godmother who was the driver was driving realized what had happened, she pulled
off the highway. The boy was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. "They were driving down the freeway and I guess it was some guy - they don't know if they were chasing another car, group of guys or whatever," said Marilyn Perry, a relative of the family. "And they were shooting. So I guess the baby probably cried and when they looked in the back seat, he was shot. I was told that he was hit through his car seat." Michigan State Police aren't sure if this was random or on purpose. This situation is still being investigated. Watch Video Below

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