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Surprise Its Twins!! Beyonce Maternity Pics

So hurray for the second time around. Beyonce wanted to shut down any rumors that she did not carry her babies. So this time she is
bearing her baby bump. She looks absolutely Gorge. Check out pics below!! Some of the pics are getting some controversial remarks. What do you think about the pics?

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#beyoncé is pregnant with twins.

A photo posted by Celebritea News Room (@celebriteanewsroom) on

#bluivy and #beyonce

A photo posted by Celebritea News Room (@celebriteanewsroom) on

I love me some bey but Only difference is I'm not pregnant and had my kids already! I'm also oiled up..This generation is funny! Meanwhile Beyoncé is looked at as a queen in this pic and I would be considered a thot doing too much for attention 😩😩😩 same pose.hand over boobs..private covered and long hair! I just wanted to a prove a point how anything is accepted when your a celeb but when your not it's looked down. I guess if I was Beyoncé it would be acceptable! FOH! I do what I want! Never looking to please everybody and y'all will always talk! I don't care how people feel about my pic but I just want to understand society thinking. I'm sure they talking about bey too but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️ NUDE IS nude! Her tights are nude for the nude look and if I took this same pic pregnant I would be ratchet..I love my some bey but I just want to see the comments below lol I'm just here for the comments 😩😩😂😂😂 #PettyThursday

A photo posted by India The Hair Vixen (@india_arie_) on

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