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Former Pastor Gets 75 Years For Inappropriate Conduct

A former Magnolia pastor was sentenced to 75 years in prison. He was found guilty for mistreating a teen. Ronald Wayne Mitchell Who is 59, was found guilty on five charges of assault of a child, and forcible violations. Fifteen years was given for each charge. Apparently the former pastor was housing members from his church. The members were down and out. He would open his home and allow them to stay on the contingency of him being able to mistreat them. He said to one young lady that if she told, God would be angry at her.
So he used fear and religion as a tool. He treated these people like this for years. One member of the church testified that he threw her out of his house, because she was not obedient. She had to live outside in her car. Eventually she realized that she had no where else to go. She went back to this horror house and stayed. He was controlling and very manipulative. He had forbidden them to have contact with people who were not church members. It was like they were in a cult. Watch Video Below

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