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“ I Want Him Gone” Ex Attempts To Fatally Injure His Ex Boyfriend

Well this story is still developing but we got enough of the story to report to our readers. This happened in charm city which is the tender nick name of Baltimore located in Maryland. A 26 year old Man allegedly attempted to take his ex lover out completely. Jamar Haughton says that he wanted his ex boyfriend to be deceased. He met the unidentified victim at his place of work. This event

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happened at The University of Maryland school of Medicine. Right at the start of the work day which is 7 am, Jamar shot at his ex lover in the face and buttocks. Jamar said to authorities that he did it and if he was not successful that he would keep attempting until he succeeded. He has been charged with attempted slaying. The victim is currently fighting for his life. He is on life support.

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