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Tevin Campbell Shuts Down Rumors He Was Molested By Quincy Jones: 'gtfoh'

Tevin Campbell has had enough of ya'll saying he has a #MeToo moment to share. On Wednesday the R&B singer took to Twitter after he became a trending topic to set the record straight about rumors that he was molested by his mentor Quincy Jones back in the 90s. "Now I'm trending folks will really say some disgusting things, "Tevin was molested by Quincy, GTFOH wit the devil," he tweeted with several laughing emoji faces. Jones had folks chomping at the bit thanks to his recent interview with Vulture magazine. The 84-year
old spilled all the tea about everyone from Michael Jackson, to Marlon Brando to Ivanka Trump, but had a lot of folks curious about his relationship with Campbell. Check Out Posts Below Apparently there have been rumors for years that Campbell was gay and had a sexual relationship with Jones when he was a teenager. Jones inadvertently ignited those rumors when he mentioned the "Can We Talk" singer saying he is one of the most underrated artist ever. Folks on Twitter of course couldn't handle it, and went in. Check it out:

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