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Kimberly Smedley: Thousands Of Illegal Butt Shots, Making $1.5m, Going To Jail

Kimberly Smedley sat down with DJ Vlad to talk about her lucrative career administering butt injections, alludes to celebrity clientele, and eventually being sentenced to three years in prison after one client was hospitalized following a procedure. Before Smedley was making about $30,000 a month illegally injecting silicone into women's butts, she says the trade was passed onto her following the death of a friend. While the injections were popular in the transgender community
in 1999, she says shortly after, she began injecting strippers, housewives, and even other famed celebrities that she doesn't directly name in her book "The Backside of the Story." Although Smedley refuses to give the juicy details of who she describes in her book, as a former professional "butt injector," she tells DJ Vlad who she believes had work done to get their J Lo inspired derriere. Watch the full interview above.

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