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Florida Woman Uses Ppp Loan To Put Hit Out On Ex’s Girlfriend

A Florida woman is being accused of using some of her relief PPP loan to hire a hit man to fatally injure her ex’s Girlfriend, authorities said. The assailant, Jasmine Martinez, was arrested along with two other people. The other two were identified by authorities as Javon Carter and Romiel Robinson. They are all being held on charges that are related to the May 3rd 2021 fatal injury of Le’Shonte Jones. They are also charged with the attempted fatal injury of Jones' 3-year-old daughter, who was also injured but she survived. Martinez allegedly put a plot to fatally injure Jones. Romiel Jones is the one who got the hit man (Carter) involved. In the days leading up to the fatal incident, Martinez allegedly withdrew just about $10,000 from a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan that she had received. The warrant clearly alleges that she decided to use the money to pay Carter for the crime. According to records, Martinez received $15,000 Paycheck Protection Program loan. This loan is given to business owners that are struggling during the pandemic. She took the loan based on the fact that she supposedly had a self employment beauty salon. It is not clear on whether she owned the salon or not. The Investigators on the case said that Martinez knew the victim. She had been arrested and charged in 2018. Apparently she had gotten into a physical altercation with Jones. The situation went to the courts. Jones had even testified against Martinez in 2020, according to records. Apparently after that same court hearing, Jones reported that she was harassed. She was held at weapon point. She was also robbed by two men, according to
records. One of the men was identified as one of Martinez’s boyfriends. His name is Kelly Nelson. Nelson happens to be in jail on charges that are related to the alleged robbery. The warrant alleges that authorities are investigating Jones' fatal injury. Jail records of phone calls between Nelson and Martinez were uncovered. Martinez allegedly had a phone call to Nelson on Feb. 11, 2021, that she was “ready to go fatally injure” Jones and that Jones has to “die,” according to the warrant. The very next day, Robinson, who was Martinez's new boyfriend, had contacted Carter, the authorities said Jones had reported in March that she was being harassed. She was offered money to not testify against Nelson. She was also told that Martinez wanted Nelson home to help take care of their children. This was all according to the warrant. Jones still testified against Nelson in April. She also testified against Martinez for witness tampering. The reports says that Carter went to Jones' apartment complex on April 30 and May 1 to case the place. He is accused of shooting her multiple times on May 3 as she walked home with her daughter. Miami-Dade authorities said in a Social media report that a security video showed Jones, who was 24, walking with her daughter. They were walking toward her apartment. That’s when she was immediately shot at multiple times. Jones, who was a Transportation Security Administration officer at Miami International Airport, was pronounced deceased at the scene. Her daughter was airlifted to a hospital, authorities said. The video also revealed Carter getting out of a gray Foreign car and firing at Jones. He also shot at her daughter. Watch Video Below

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