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Man Left Fighting For His Life After Being Injured Hours After Donating Liquid Dna

He had just given liquid DNA hours before the projectile that left him fighting for his life. The man and two friends were picking up some extra controllers to have a good time and play video games. They were in the parking lot of an apartment complex on the West Side of Baltimore. Soon after a masked man took his belongings and than hit him with a projectile. “My sunshine, Declan is the type of guy who does anything and everything for everyone else,” said his
mother LaShell Richardson. She's at his side at a hospital in Chicago. He was transferred to a specialist there after he was pronounced gone on arrival the night that he was hurt. As he and his friends left the store, a man in a mask ambushed them and as Declan ran away, he was hit in the groin. “He was emptying out and as a result of that he sustained a head injury because he went for a period of time without oxygen.” Watch Video Below

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