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Woman Dismembered Lover After An Intimate Encounter

A woman has been charged with the fatal injury of her lover, whose body parts were found spread out on a Green Bay property and in a vehicle. A person living at the home called the authorities after discovering a severed head in a bucket. According to documents, Authorities arrived at the scene and made their way down the basement stairs. It was then that they saw a head in a black bucket on the floor. It was covered by a towel. The authorities said “what appeared to be dried bodily fluids on a nearby mattress.” As they further searched the property, a storage tote was found. It was in this tote where the upper part of a torso had been stored. Taylor Schabusiness, who is 24 was allegedly the last person to have seen the 25-year-old victim alive. Her clothing was speckled in dried matter, according to the complaint, and authorities searching her van found a crock pot box containing other human body parts. “including legs.” When authorities asked her about what had happened, Schabusiness answered, “That is a good question.” She was later charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutiliating of a corpse, and third-degree intimate assault. Schabusiness allegedly fatally injured and dismembered her victim after first smoking an illegal substance. She had shared it with the victim. They initiated an
intimate encounter that then escalated to some real adult stuff. Chains came into play.Schabusiness described it as a dog’s choke collar. She said that there were two chains. One for her, and one for him. Eventually, Schabusiness says that she began strangling him with her bare hands. She told investigators that she could feel his heart beat continuing as she choked him, “so she kept pulling and choking him harder.” She kept going as the man’s face turned purple and fluids came out of his mouth. She then played with the body. This happened for “two to three hours” after his demise , using several knives to take the body apart. According to prosecutors it took several types of knives to do this. One was a bread knife “worked the best,” she explained to the authorities , “because of the serrated blade.” Apparently her plan was to bring all of the body parts with her, but, being “paranoid and lazy” as she explained it, she left the head behind. “I can’t believe I left the head, though,” she said Schabusiness told investigators that she had just gone “loco,” and blacked out during at least part of the encounter. She asked them “if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you take their life” Watch Video Below

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