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61 Year Old Omaha Man Kills Young Girlfriend And Himself

Jonathan Scott Hartley in a rage killed his 28 year old girlfriend Ashley Stephens at their home in Omaha. Paramedics found the young woman, who has two young children from a previous relationship, deceased when they arrived to the home. The man was found with a gun near him and was horrifically injured from a gunshot wound.  He was rushed to hospital but died soon after.  Chris Hove, who is the father of Stephens' two children, said that his ex girlfriend had previously told him Hartley suffered from depression. But Hove, who has custody of the children, said that he never got ill feelings
about the man. He would allow the children to spend time with their mother's boyfriend.  The children,who are the ages four and five, were actually supposed to be with their mother on that night of the horrific event. Due to the snowstorm the children stayed home with their dad. The father said that he was heart broken, because he had to tell his children that their mom had passed. He said that the sad face that his children had was unbearable to look at and that he never want to see them that way again. Watch Video Below

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