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Florida Woman Pleads Guilty In The Fatal Injury Of Her 5 Year Old Daughter

Brianna Williams appeared in court , where she pleaded guilty to second-degree fatal injury. This charge was for the death of her 5-year-old daughter, Taylor Rose Williams. Williams has now been formally charged for her daughter’s death. She could face anywhere from 20+ years to life in a state prison. Background The mother and Naval Petty Officer was charged with aggravated child abuse, be untruthful to authorities , and tampering with evidence related to Taylor’s demise. The state attorney’s office also accused Williams of torturing, severely punishing, and caging her daughter back in 2019. On November 6, 2019, Williams reported her daughter as missing. During the investigation, several things did not add up. The authorities took notice of the fact that Williams was very uncooperative and was not forthcoming when it came to the events of Taylor’s disappearance. There were many gray areas in the timeline of her daughter’s disappearance. The mother faced several abuse charges related to her daughter’s demise. It is believed that Williams forced her daughter to stay inside of a closet when she was not at home. Neighbors reported that they would see

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Taylor alone at home. The little girl would be wearing the same pajamas for days. She would be holding the same doll as well. The neighbors would not see Brianna’s car when they would see the child by herself. Authorities says that Williams’ apartment smelled of bodily waste and human decomposition. The apartment had bloodstains on the carpet and walls that matched Taylor’s DNA. They also found many soup cans with holes punched in the lids. Authorities believed that to be Taylor’s only food source when she was confined. In May 2019 , no one reported seeing the child alive.Legal Records showed that Williams drove to Alabama to Jacksonville three times in the three days before she reported the child missing. Taylor’s remains were found outside Williams’ Alabama hometown. This was six days after her mother reported her missing. The child’s body appeared to have been stuffed in a garbage bag and buried in a shallow hole. Taylor’s remains were very badly decompose. Authorities found 10% of Taylor’s bones. They were scattered all over the place. Brianna Williams’ sentencing is scheduled for May. Watch Video Below

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