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Michigan Woman Video Records Her Killer Moments Before Getting Fatally Injured

A Michigan woman recorded a video of her accused killer. This happened just seconds before she was shot and fatally injured, o authorities say. According to records, India Mackey and her boyfriend, Kevin Dixon, got into a very heated argument. Authorities said that 20-year-old Mackey was recording Dixon. The video that was recorded on her cellphone, shows Dixon pointing a weapon at her. He loaded bullets into it and threatened to shoot her,authorities confirmed. "You think
I’m playing, huh? Gonna hit you with these hollow-tip 45s," Dixon yelled in the video. Authorities said that after Mackey stopped recording, the 18-year-old fatally shot her. Dixon then proceeded to start driving his van. The. An had been parked in his driveway. The body of Mackey was still inside. Authorities happened to pull Dixon over for driving erratically. He is facing multiple charges, including first-degree fatal injury and carrying a concealed weapon. Watch Video Below

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