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Man Kills Girlfriend And Children Because She Wanted To Leave Him

This man hurt four children with a hammer as they slept before attacking and killing his girlfriend. 33 year Old Terrance Leonard attacked the four children as they slept, killing two, before lying in wait like an animal for his 32 year old girlfriend who is named Kristina Riley. He also fatally attacked her after she arrived at the apartment. Riley was pronounced deceased on the scene after police were called to the apartment. Leonard was Arrested on the scene and later identified as the predator. He faces three counts of first degree murder, two counts of attempted first degree murder. He also faces
obstruction of evidence charges. He attempted to ruin evidence after her performed the heinous crime. Officials report that Leonard admitted to being on an illegal substance at the time of the murders. Ten year old Ayden Riley, Kristina Riley’s son, and nine-year-old De’ryona Encalade, the niece of Kristina Riley, were also pronounced deceased on the scene. Kristina Riley’s 12 year old and 14 year old daughters are currently in critical condition. Leonard has an extensive list of criminal dealings. He has been in trouble for narcotics possession and distribution, second degree battery, simple battery, and multiple other offenses against law enforcement. Watch Video Below

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