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Mother Of Four Arrested For The Drowning Deaths Of Children In Her Suv

A 25 year old woman from Mississippi has been arrested after two of her three children drowned. This happened when she left them in a locked car and the car rolled into a creek, authorities said. Jenea Monique Payne has been charged with two counts of negligent homicide and one of child neglect. Payne told investigators she left the children for five or 10 minutes while she went into a convenience store. Two-year-old Raelynn Johnson was rescued that day as Payne’s SUV floated downstream. Four year old Steve Smith and 1 year old Rasheed Johnson
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Jr. drowned in the vehicle. Apparently Payne left the keys in the vehicle. Davis said investigators believe that the 4 year old figured out how to put the keys in the ignition. The car was turned on and was put into neutral, causing it to roll into the creek. It could not be explained to why Payne would have left her sleeping children in a locked car with the keys inside. Also no answer on how would the 4 year old would be able to reach the brake to change shifts. Watch Video Below

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