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Man Fatally Injures Girlfriend For Laughing At Him

Eerie testimony in the fatal injury of Anitra Gunn, a Fort Valley State University student; reveals that she was fatally injured because she laughed at her boyfriend. The 23-year-old was found deceased in a wooded area of Crawford County, Georgia. She was discovered days after she was reported missing. This happened on Valentine’s Day 2020. Her boyfriend, A Fort Gordon Army sergeant, whose name is Demarcus Little, was arrested and charged with her fatal injury days later. Text messages between the two revealed that Gunn was trying to distance herself from the relationship for months. After Little tried to commit suicide, she decided to continue to communicate with him. One of Little’s closest friends, Jaivon Abron, testified that his friend confessed to strangling Gunn to death. He did this after she laughed in
his face while he allegedly professed his love to her on Valentine’s Day. Abron said that Little told him that he snapped and struck Gunn before strangling her. He then placed her body in the trunk of her car and drove her to the woods. He partially damaged her car. Little then ditched the car in a neighborhood not far from where the couple was last seen together. The two men retrieved the bumper of Gunn’s car. The number had fallen off in the woods when Little was dumping her body. Even knowing all of these details, the friend decided to not tell the authorities, because he was threatened by Little. Abron has been charged with tampering with evidence and making false statements to the authorities. Little has been charged with fatal injury.

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