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Woman Is Fatally Injured By Boyfriend In Front Of Her Kids

Authorities have identified the man that is accused of fatally injured his girlfriend in front of her children. The mother of the woman who was slain said that she found out about her daughter demise after watching her doorbell video. The family is now asking the public to help them to find their daughter’s Unaliver. The family told reporters that it was Derricka Body’s boyfriend who fatally injured her inside of her mother’s dwelling. The victim’s mother, Regina Scott said that she returned home and knew something didn’t seem right. Her door was unlocked. Her daughter along with her three kids were Also no where to be found. “I seen all the lights on, and I didn’t see anybody,” Miss Scott said. It was at the point that she checked her doorbell video. “I was sitting on my back checking my camera and I was going through it. Then I seen everybody running in. Then I seen the authorities. Then I seen them bringing a body out,” Miss Scott
said. The body was her daughter. Scott said that on the video you could hear her frightened 12-year-old granddaughter. She was describing how her mother’s boyfriend, Christopher Harvey, fatally injured Body. The 12 year old and the 5 year old watched as their mother was viciously taken. The grandmother said that Harvey knows that he is wrong. “He know it. He took my baby in front of her kids,”she said. Derricka’s father, Derrick Body, said that it makes no sense. “Why would he do that to my daughter? I don’t understand,” he said. “That was my angel. My baby girl. She would give you the shirt off her back.” The family said that Harvey drove off in their daughter’s car. He also took her phone. The family says that he has answered texts from her friends as if nothing has happened. “I want him locked up. I want him behind bars quickly,” Scott said. “He needs to turn himself in, real quick, fast and in a hurry,” Said The parents

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