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Good Samaritan Fatally Injured At A Waffle House Over $20

A good Samaritan was fatally shot while helping people get a meal. This happened while he was handing out $20 bills and paying for meals at a Florida restaurant. Police arrested Ezekiel Hicks who is 25 for causing the death of 41 year old Craig Brewer. The surveillance camera captured an altercation between the two on video. According to witnesses Brewer had gotten into an altercation with Hicks female
friend. It was because his generosity did not include her. Hicks swooped in and attempted to stop the argument. He went too far, because at this point he decided to get reinforcements and returned to the restaurant and shot Mr. Brewer. The altercation "lasted only a few seconds" and ended with Hicks firing multiple shots towards the victim, Fatally injuring him on the scene. Watch Video Below

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