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Fla. Woman Steals Credit Card, Spends $11k On Plastic Surgery

Lakeland Police are looking for a Lake Wales woman who stole a credit card and then spent more than $11,000 on plastic surgery. On her Instagram page, Nyaira Thomas is all about showing off her brand new look from top to bottom. She had it all done - the breasts - the butt - the lips - and even some liposuction. By all accounts, she appears to be a happy customer except for one thing. Lakeland police said she stole somebody's ID to pay for it all. "It was a really bizarre case that we worked," said Lakeland Police. Thomas even used her best friend, Alyssa Tucker, as a pawn as she got work done at Watson Clinic. She sucked her into all of this by using her address. "She
wanted to get her breasts done and didn't want her mom to know," said Tucker. Investigators said the credit card and stolen ID belong to an innocent victim in Illinois. About a week after Thomas got her new look, Watson Clinic realized Thomas was not who she said she was while the victim in Illinois is on the hook for more than $11,000. Unfortunately, no one can get Thomas to return her new look. Police said when they catch her, Thomas will likely owe that money back and could get a few years in jail. "She truly has no idea how her information ended up here in Lakeland," police said about the victim. "How it was stolen." Friends believe Thomas may be in Atlanta showing off that new body.
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