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9 Gofundme Campaigns Launched For Facebook Shooting Victim Robert Godwin Sr.

GoFundMe Campaigns Launched For Robert Godwin Sr. 9 GoFundMe campaigns have been launched for Facebook shooting victim, Robert Godwin Sr. Mr. Godwin, a father of nine and grandfather of 14, was shot and killed by Steve Stephens on Easter Sunday around 2 p.m. in a senseless, devastating and absolutely disgusting act of violence. Hours later, several GoFundMe campaigns were set up for
funeral expenses and to aid the Godwin family financially in the wake of the tragic loss of their loved one. Some campaigns have been removed, but GoFundMe has assured Cleveland 19 that all money donate (to any account) will reach Robert Godwin Sr.'s family. As with any GoFundMe account...please proceed with caution until the family announces a source for direct donations.

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