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Detroit Mother Passes Away After Giving Birth Due To A Brain Hemorrhage

‘She Was Perfectly Healthy' A Detroit family wants answers after Alona White, a 25-year-old mother of two, passes away not too long after giving birth. Alona White and her husband Derrick arrived at the hospital for a scheduled cesarean. The couple who are the parents of a 2-year-old daughter named Aleah; welcomed their second daughter, Ari, that afternoon. Katina Ponder, who is Alona's mother, told a news outlet that her daughter was perfectly fine after giving birth. She was even able to nurse her daughter. "She was excited," she said of of her daughter. "We went from being joyful to devastated." What happened next would be considered the unthinkable. Ponder said that her daughter started complaining about a headache. When the nurse arrived at
her room, she was already gone. "She went down for a CT scan and that's when they saw like a really large massive bleeding on the left side of her brain," Ponder revealed to the reporters. The mother was expeditiously taken for an emergency craniotomy. This procedure left her in the ICU for five days before she passed away. "She only really got like an hour to spend with her (baby) The grandmother said. "It's just so- it's so unfair that she was robbed of life like that. I just don't understand what happened." "I did not expect to get a call saying that my baby passed away," she continued. "She was 25, perfectly healthy, I just don't know what went wrong." Watch Video Below

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