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Granny Forces Granddaughter To Fatally Drink Whiskey As Mother Watched

A 4-year-old little girl passed away after her grandmother suspected that she may have taken a sip of whiskey. After that she forced the child to drink the rest of the bottle. She also made the mother watch. This is according to the authorities. The coroner's office said that China Record, who was 4, passed away from acute alcohol poisoning. Her blood-alcohol level was more than eight times the legal limit for an adult. The child’s siblings told authorities that their grandmother had forced the child to drink the alcoholic beverage. They also revealed that the mother

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was forced to watch.The grandmother whose name is Roxanne Record,53, and mother Kadjah Record, who is 28, were both arrested and booked. According to legal documents for Roxanne and Kadjah Record, the women became enraged after China took a sip from a bottle of Soda and an 80-proof whiskey. The grandmother made the child get on her knees and finish the rest of the drink. The mother just looked on while this was happening. After the child finished the drink, she became unconscious. The mother placed her in the tub and did not seek immediate help for the child.

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