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Florida Wife Shoots Husband In The Head Over A Google Search

Lawanda Brown, of Fernandina Beach, Florida, was charged with attempted murder on May 29, 2018. Nassau County Sheriff's deputies say she shot her husband in the head in their home after she didn't like his tone in the way he asked her to do a Google search. Nassau County Sheriff's Office Florida She didn't like her husband's tone of voice. So she shot him, deputies say Nassau County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a home in Florida's Fernandina Beach on Tuesday afternoon and found Tony Brown lying in a pool of blood on the floor from a gunshot wound to the back of his head. A .38 caliber revolver was found in the couple's bedroom. Deputies say the 58-year-old man's wife, Lawanda Brown, 57, told them she was working with her husband in the loft of their Amelia Island home
where they share office space for their consulting business. According to deputies, she told them her husband had asked her to do a Google search for a template for a project they were working on. Today's top news by email The local news you need to start your day But apparently the way he asked her to do the search upset her. "The suspect said she could hear a tone in her husband's voice that he was not happy with how she was searching. She said it was all a blur as the victim started walking out of the loft prior to being shot," deputies posted on Facebook and Twitter. On Wednesday, Tony Brown was in critical condition. Lawanda Brown was charged with attempted murder and is being held at Nassau County Jail and Detention Center on a $500,002 bail. Watch Video Below

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