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Pregnant Woman Is Shot 5 Times By Authorities

They shot five times,” the witness, Shedanja, told the reporters. “I remember seeing her hit the ground and I froze.” The injured woman, was suspected in participating in a carjacking with a male accomplice. Leonna Hale, who is 26 survived the ordeal. She suffered some serious injuries and has been transported to a hospital. She is stable. The two adults were confronted by Authorities at a Family Dollar store. The male suspect reportedly jumped out of the car and escaped. Ms. Hale stayed and put her hands up. “She did not pull out a weapon on them,” Shedanja told the reporters.”She did not even have a stick in her hand.” According to Shedanja, the authorities repeatedly commanded Ms Hale to get down on

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the ground. She explained that she could not do so because she was having a baby. Some words were exchanged,Ms Hale told authorities there was a weapon in the car. Eventually she began to retreat against a fence. The authorities approached her with their weapons drawn. The woman was scared, so she turned and attempted to run. She didn’t get far. Shedanja said, that the authorities shot her. “One, two, three, four, five,” the witness recalled, counting the gunshots. “I remember it because it didn’t stop.” In a video that Shedanja shared, the footage showed that the woman lying on the ground with her hands behind her back. “They got her handcuffed,” Shedanja narrates. “Why they shot her, y’all?” Watch Video Below

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