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Texas Mom Runs Over Her Infant After Playing A Game Of Chicken With Suv

A mother located in Texas is charged with the fatal injury of her 3 year old son. This happened when she hit him with her SUV during what prosecutors are describing as a game of "chicken." 26-year-old Lexus Stagg allegedly drove toward three of her children in the parking lot. This happened at her apartment complex. She drove towards her children and she struck her son, authorities said. The Surveillance video that was taken at the
community pool shows a white Lincoln Navigator driving in reverse. The children could be seen chasing after it. Allegedly the mother decided to then put the car in drive and moved toward them, authorities said. Two out of the three children were able to move out of the way in time. The 3-year-old was not so lucky. Her son named Lord Renfro, was struck by the vehicle and later passed away. Watch Video Below

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