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Mom Child And Boyfriend Are Deceased Over Video Game

The Woman and child who were found deceased in their home have been identified. Dr. Kent E. Harshbarger who is the Coroner, identified the child who was just 6 years old. Her name was Harper Monroe. He identified the woman as 31-year-old Aisha Nelson. They were both found fatally injured in their home. The cause of their demise has not been released. Dayton authorities says that they were called to the home around noon for a wellness check. Officers says that they found Nelson and Monroe deceased in the basement. Authorities said

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that the suspect in the incident , was 32-year-old Waverly R. Hawes. He was also found deceased from a self-inflicted wound in Falkville, Alabama. Authorities said that the officers had been called out earlier in the morning that day, when the suspect and Nelson had argued over a PS 5 video game system. The Officers were at the residence for about an hour. According to records, they didn't file a report or make any arrests at that time. Authorities said that the suspect had no criminal history. Watch Video Below

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