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Pastor Ask Members To Pay Him $5-dollars Before They Can Shake His Hands

A Pastor in Ghana is currently going viral, yea, After he was caught on camera boldly telling his congregants to pay money before they could touch or shake him.. In the video Tony Boaeng could be heard and seen telling his members to pay before they can touch him or get delivered. Read what was shared by twitter user below! Attention ! Attention !! All of you in search of christ should be careful with the kinda church you attend. Most of all these churches are just out to extort you and brainwash you. My brother attended a church today and trust me all

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the videos I've seen are terrible. How do you tell a congregation to form lines for people with different denominations. Or tell them to bring 5k to heal their marriages. them if they don't have, they should borrow and when the Lord blesses them they should refund. Who are we really worshipping? Or ask the people with their ATMs in their bags to come forward and queue for their account balance to increase. How do all these fake pastors and prophets even pull so much crowd ? Your members barely feed but you have a Benz in your fleet of cars. How exactly ? Watch Video Below

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