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Dr Dre Gets Detained In Front Of His Home

The incident took place after the man parked his car in front of Dre's home and the mogul asked him to move. While the man complied, he reportedly swore at Dre and continued to yell at him as the rapper-producer pulled into his driveway. Dre then took out his phone to record the incident when, according to TMZ, the man said, "Here we go again. Another black guy with a gun." The man then called 911,
and according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, told police someone had pulled a gun on him. When the police arrived, Dre was briefly handcuffed and searched, but officers did not find a gun. The motorist, however, insisted on making a citizen's arrest and filled out a report detailing his allegations. The paperwork will be sent to the district attorney, who will decide whether charges should be pressed. A representative for Dr. Dre declined to comment.