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Michael B Jordan Is Going To Play Black Panther

Just when you thought Michael B. Jordan couldn't get any hotter, he's taking it up a few notches. The actor tells me he's doing some "extreme" training to get in shape for his work in the upcoming Black Panther. "I'm in the process right now, about six months out," he said while promoting the superhero flick at Comic-Con. "I'm eating tons of carbs, lifting. When we get close to the date I'll start
to shred down a little but the goal is to be bigger than Creed." Chadwick Boseman, who blew us away when he made his debut as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, filled us in his not-so-comfy skintight suit. "You have to go to a place where it's sort of Zen place where you can deal with it at first and then you find your peace," he said. "It's also exhilarating."
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