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Are Jennifer Hudson And Beyonce Still Friends?

Dream girls will turn 10-years-old in December of this year...how's that for making you feel old?! Jennifer Hudson can't really believe it either, still able to recount all the little details from getting cast for the film to actually being on set. "I'm the type of person, I remember everything," she explained. "To think back to when I got the role or even filming the film, I remember Jamie Foxx and even different people would say, 'She has no clue what she's in store for or what she has just done.' And I was like, 'I don't know what they're talking about.' And I
still don't have a clue to be honest!" When asked if she stills stays in touch, the singer couldn't help but reply, "Oh my God, yeah!" she said. "I just went to see Beyoncé in concert twice. She knows when I'm coming every time!" She added, "We actually saw I just saw each other at the CFDA Awards. She was honored and I performed, and she was like, 'So when are you coming, and I was like, 'As soon as I get done here in New York I'm gonna be on the first thing smoking because you know I'm coming to see the show!'"
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