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Jennifer Hudson Explains Why She Is Not Ready To Get Married

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have been together as long as fans can remember. The couple announced their engagement back in 2008 and many fans assumed their wedding would be sooner rather than later. Now, it's been eight years and they still haven't set a wedding date and it doesn't look like the Dreamgirls singer will be announcing a date anytime soon. During a recent interview with Essence magazine, Jennifer revealed she is in absolutely no hurry to walk down the aisle. "It's been a thought obviously," she tells ESSENCE. "It's about timing. I am in no rush at all." She revealed Ciara and Russell Wilson's wedding was inspiring but she and David, who have one child together David Daniel Otunga Jr., 6,
still aren't any closer to tying the knot. She admitted Ciara's wedding was quite beautiful and she feels the pressure since many of her friends are now married but it's not enough for her to take the plunge just yet. "After being at Ciara's wedding, I'm like, okay," Hudson said. "I don't know, it inspired something. I just loved her dress. It was so beautiful. So that made me say, okay, all [of] my friends and peers are married now. You know what I mean?" But, why? Well, Jennifer really didn't offer a detailed explanation about her decision but she wants the world to know she and David will definitely make it happen in due time. "We will," she added. "It will happen."
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