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Marlon Wayans Slammed For His Post On The Alabama Brawl

Marlon Wayans, the actor and comedian best known for his roles in White Chicks, Scary Movie, and The Wayans Bros., recently sparked controversy with his social media post about the viral video of a massive ordeal that broke out at Riverfront Park in Montgomery, Alabama. The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows a group of men attacking a security guard who was working on a riverboat. The guard had reportedly asked them to move their boat that was blocking another boat from docking. The men refused and assaulted the guard from behind, prompting a group of men to intervene and defend him. The brawl escalated into a chaotic scene involving dozens of people throwing punches, kicks, and objects at each other. Wayans shared a clip of the ordeal on his social media account, but only showed the part where the men were confronting the other men on their boat. He captioned it: "How 'bout we NOT 'try that in a small town'…. stuff silly bro… let's all just be love NOT war." The caption was a reference to Jason Aldean's new song "Try That in a Small Town," which has been criticized

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for its anti-woke and racist lyrics. The song includes lines such as "You can't say what you want to say / You can't think what you want to think / You can't do what you want to do / In this messed up world we're living in" and "You can't fly that rebel flag / You can't wear that MAGA hat / You can't speak your mind / You better watch your back." Many of Wayans' followers were outraged by his post, accusing him of being a "token" and a "sellout" for seemingly condemning some of the people involved, who stood up for themselves and each other. They also pointed out that he did not show the full context of the ordeal, which clearly showed that the other men were the aggressors and instigators. Some even posted memes of NeNe Leakes and Samuel L. Jackson to mock him. Wayans later posted another clip that showed the beginning of the fight, where the men attacked the guard. He wrote: "Y'all must got me messed up… here! Now be quiet." However, this did not seem to appease his critics, who continued to blast him for his initial post.