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Kansas City Teen Charged With Murdering Her Parents After Watching Scary Movies.

A teenager who reportedly was acting crazy and paranoid before a shooting death in Kansas City was certified as an adult Wednesday and charged with second degree murder. Zaire A. Williams, who was 16 at the time of the Feb. 14 incident, is accused of shooting 39 year old David Willard, who was found dead and surrounded by 10 rifle shell casings on the kitchen floor of a house in the 2600 block of Cleveland Avenue. According to a court document, Williams was
living at the address. A witness described him as schizophrenic and bipolar and said he was locking and unlocking doors, continuously looking out of windows and saying that people were trying to kill him. Willard reportedly came to the house in the early afternoon to give his daughter some money. The daughter and her boyfriend heard shots. They told police they saw Williams holding a gun and speaking incoherently. They said he hid the gun and ran away. Watch video below

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