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Rihanna Is Embracing Her Post Baby Weight

Rihanna has been up and down in weight for quite some time. She is a woman of confidence. It doesn’t matter how much weight she gains or loses, she is still Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She oozes confidence and she is going to be her regardless. While Rihanna continues to look beautiful, fans have gone to social media to celebrate the newer and curvier Rihanna. She has gained her weight all in the right places. She has lost her belly, but now has hips
for days. Rihanna’s weight fluctuates, but her confidence stays the same. She has taught others to love and embrace their bodies. Keeping up with what society deems as beauty can be mentally daunting. Rihanna is concentrating on being a mom, so she has not been so concentrated on her fitness routine. This has caused her to gain 20 lbs. She knows what is best for her. When she is ready to get back to whatever is comfortable for her, she will. We love Rihanna no matter what.

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