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Bank Of America Executive Life Is Violently Taken By Ex-boyfriend

A senior executive of Bank of America, was found non responsive in her home in California. Due to how things looked, it is suspected to be a case of a domestic dispute by her ex-boyfriend. Michelle Annette Avan, who was 48, was found unresponsive in her residence in Reseda by her son. There was physical evidence on the woman’s face that showed that she was severely hit repeatedly. The man accused of taking the life of Avan is Anthony Duwayne Turner. He
has been charged with taking her life and first-degree residential burglary. According to the authorities, 52-year-old Turner entered Avan’s home and left the next next day. Her family grew worried due to the fact that they hadn’t heard from her. Avan was found by her son inside of her house the next day. Her ex boyfriend is now being held on a 2 million dollar bond. Her employer put out a heart felt message saying that she would be greatly missed.

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