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Pastor John Gray Is Accused Of Cheating On His Wife Again

Pastor John Gray Reports to the authorities about alleged his Side Chick for Leaking FaceTime Videos. Pastor John Gray’ is accused of cheating on his wife Aventer Gray after a woman whose name happens to be ‘ Mary’ leaks videos of her FaceTime conversations with the very popular pastor. The social media and TV personality is accused of cheating on his wife Aventer Gray with a woman who goes by the name Mary. It’s the alleged side chick herself who exposed their alleged affair by leaking videos of the FaceTime conversations. In one of the videos obtained by the popular vlogger Tasha K, John appeared to complain about his wife’s lack of culinary skills. To further back up his claim, he showed his son saying that he has to eat pizza

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everyday because that’s how things go “when nobody cooking.” In the second video, the main pastor of Relentless Church located in South Carolina was at an airport with a private jet in the background. He invited Mary to fly with him to Mexico. “You got an hour to get ready. I’m going to Cabo. So bring your mask and your favorite two-piece, ’cause we out,” he clearly says in the video. The third video clearly shows John discussing a $200 bet and offering to cook a southern meal. He wanted brisket included in the meal. John also asked his alleged side chick to show her shirt size with her sending a picture of her ample endowment. Mary later shared a photo of a brisket that John allegedly cooked for her. Watch Video Below

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He says his wife doesn't cook and feeds their son Pizza every night, He asks his sidechick to fly with him to Cabo privately during the pandemic! Text messages will be dropped next! If u missed the sidechicks interview, the link is in the BIO! or Head on over to YouTube! #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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Exclusives Winos🥂 See previous post! PASTOR JohnGray got Brisket, & Pics from his sidechick Mary! He sent her 200 bucks for the books & brisket😝🥂 #unwinewithtashak #NOWIGOTTAGOBYE

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