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Grown Adults Are Calling Blu Ivy Ugly

"So are we all just supposed to pretend that Blue Ivy isn't ugly as hell forever?" asked Twitter user @keltheyrich who also went on to write "...Blue Ivy is ugly as sin and there's no way around it." This is horrible. Blu Ivy represents the natural girl. There is a problem when a person feels that they can call a child ugly. It is really unfortunate. Representing your natural hair and features seems to not be respected now In days. Everytime you turn on your television or pick up your cell phone, you see women with hair that's not theirs and body parts that they were not born
with. It's good that Beyonce is teaching her daughter to love her natural self. It really starts early. When people are being mean to Blu Ivy, they are really talking about all African Americans. Our hair is naturally thicker and out noses are naturally wider. What's wrong with that? This is not new, we just have more access to it now. It's a harsh reality that beauty is determined by features that we as African Americans don't necessarily have and don't need. It starts with us. Embrace your natural you. If we don't, our children will carry this self hate with them. Let's love ourselves unconditionally.
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