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Shekinah And T.i Beef (throwback)

Atlanta rapper, T.I., and his wife's best friend, Shekinah Jo, engaged in ALL OUT WAR on Instagram, that ended with him SUB calling her a "Bum ," and her telling him to "Kiss her BUTT" SO HERE IS THE TEA After Tameka "Tiny," Harris' good girlfriend posted a screenshot of a FaceTime convo between her and T.I.'s rival, Floyd Mayweather, her followers SHADED her for being disloyal to TIP. Shekinah responded to comments stating she wouldn't have a career if it wasn't for her role on his reality show, "T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle," by saying "TI been kicked me off the show last year...TI was never my friend, [Tiny] was always my friend. TI thinks he is GOD. I don't put my faith in no man I put it God." The Hairstylist later posted a message that began with, "Forget TIP," followed by SHADY comments
about him and his treatment of her. In addition, she reminded her 1.7 million followers that she has her "OWN money," and the reason she can't get her own show on Vh1 is because the "You Don't Know Me," rapper has been "trying to black ball," her for years. WELL... The self-proclaimed "King Of The South," was NOT HERE for letting the woman he often refers to as "The Help," COME FOR HIM all crazy on the Gram. In a his caption on an Instagram posted, T.I. subliminally CLAPPED BACK at Tiny's BF4L with "No Love For da Otha side..... Go against me & Meet da greatest adversary YOU EVER KNOWN!!!! Real simple wit me.... If I don't MESS witH U, DONE MESSED UP!!!! Straight like That!!!!! So Miss me wit da Monkey STUFF or get dealt wit. #nomoTALK IM BUsY BUM BEAT it!!!!"
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