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Dog Is Seen With A Human Head In Its Mouth

Just imagine seeing a dog running and galloping with a human head in its mouth. You would think that you are in a scene from resident evil. Residents of a town in north-central Mexico were surprised to see a dog running down the street with a human head clinched in its mouth. The Dog thought that he had found a prize. Officials confirmed the incident and said that authorities eventually managed to wrestle the head away from the dog. Authorities also confirmed that the head and
other body parts were left in an ATM booth. The human remains were left with a message. The message was addressed to an illegal substance cartel. Before authorities could act on what they discovered,a stray dog took off with the corpse's head. A video that was on social media showed the dog playfully galloping down a darkened street. It was holding the head by the neck in its jaws. The dog intended to take it to a comfortable place to consume it.

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