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Man Fatally Injures Girlfriend And Son Over Child Support

Can you imagine a man hurting the mother of his child and his child over something frivolous. This man felt that he should not have to pay child support because he had asked his girlfriend to in her pregnancy. She decided not to in her pregnancy and have her baby. She asked him to support her decision and help her with their son. He did not want the responsibility. She had went on social media on a single mothers group and she explained that he had left her when she was 4 1/2 months
pregnant and that he had moved on with another girl. You basically want to make pretend as if she did not exist. So the father decided to in the situation by failing injuring her and their son. Authorities arrived at her house it was covered in smoke and she and her son were unresponsive. The father was caught and apprehended. He is being charged with this eventAnd is in custody. He just could not get the story straight. Apparently he had visited her house and saw that they were unresponsive but he did not call for help.

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