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Florida Man Fatally Injured Girlfriend Along With 3 Of Her Family Members

New information has been released about the mass fatal injury in Florida that left four people deceased. The four victims included a four year old girl. Authorities are slowly but surely releasing more information about this case.  Shavell Jordan Jones allegedly is the one to be responsible for fatally injuring the four victims, says investigators. He ended up in the hospital after turning the weapon on himself after the authorities arrived. Once he is able to leave the hospital, Jones faces charges that include four counts of first-degree fatal injury. This event happened in the early hours of the morning, around 4 a.m. It caused the demises of Jones’ 29-year-old girlfriend, her 49-year-old mother, her 28-year-old sister and a 4-year-old girl. All of the victims were found with fatal weapon wounds to the head. A fifth person was also injured but they managed to escape. They called authorities from a neighbor’s residence, according to documents. That victim was the mother of the 4 year old. There were other children in the home. They managed to hide under blankets. They were discovered by the authorities that were
at the scene. Those children were not physically harmed. The back story of this horrific even is as follows. It happened after Jones and his girlfriend had an argument. He started shooting after packing up some of his things. “At some point, Jones began to remove some of his belongings from the home and then re-entered the home and began shooting,” Sheriff John Mina said at a press conference. “It’s never easy to make sense of these tragedies. I’m a father, I can’t imagine or fathom such an incident involving my loved ones.” Jones’ sister, who remains to be unnamed, shared her disbelief of the situation. "I understand he was drunk and whatever, but still, a kid?" Jones’ sister said. "He’s not this type of kid. He’s not. He’s always smiling, he’s always at the house with family, he’s always chillin', playing games with us. I just don’t understand." She also expressed her apologies and condolences to the family of the victims. "I just wish we could re-do this. I’m sorry for the family too. I feel bad for the family, I pray for the family," she said. Watch Video Below

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