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Thebjustice League' Review

This movie was awesome. It really was not a dull moment. I am really a fan of these type of movies. DC comics really is getting ifdeas from marvel movies. I mean I grew up on DCFilms being too deep and hard for me to understand. If you saw Batman Vs Superman, you will find out that The Justice League has much more action. I'm fact I thought that Batman Vs Superman left much to be desired. This movie will definitely not disappoint. From the time you sit down it really draws you in. The graphics were nice and
you forget that there are CG Characters. Now if you are a comic book fanatic, there may be some wholes in the movie and of course you will be more critical of this movie's attempt to bring the Justice League alive. Now I am not a comic buff, so I was able to just take this movie all in. There are some scenes that were like wow.... I can't believe that they did that. Wonder Woman did her thang. I just loved what she brought to the movie. This really is a great movie and I give it 5 stars. Watch trailer Below

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