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Mo'nique Owes Nearly $400,000 In Federal Taxes

According to the lien, she and her husband Sidney Hicks owe $201,695.99 in taxes in calendar year 2013 and $188,208 in calendar year 2014. What is a tax lien? The IRS definition: "A federal tax lien is the government's legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt." It continues: "A lien attaches to all of your assets (such as property, securities, vehicles) and to future assets acquired during the duration of the lien." In other words, the IRS has a lot of leverage once a lien is in place. And if Monique tries to buy property in the future, the federal government will be able to intercede and try to nab what they are owed. Brian Douglas, an Atlanta real estate attorney, said the IRS could even levy bank accounts. What assets does Monique have? Hard to say. The address on the lien is in Duluth but it's not clear if she even lives there now though it's probably her last known address. She does not actually own the home, Douglas said, although the Daily Mail claimed she did. (A couple from Buford does.) He said it's unlikely Monique was in the dark about the situation before the lien was in place. The IRS tends to send
a lot of notices in the mail before this happens. Douglas said she appears to be an independent contractor, meaning she has to pay the taxes herself. Salaried employees usually have much of their taxes taken out before they even see a check. "The IRS doesn't really want to take your house or levy your accounts," Douglas said. "The IRS would rather work out a payment plan or make some arrangement to have the taxes paid off. Celebrities and athletes can have ups and downs in their income unlike regular W2 employees. I've seen it happen with other celebrities. They release an album and make a bunch of money and live off of it until the next one. The cycle of paying bills can get complicated." He said if a lien is placed on somebody, "it usually means you've been straight up ignoring the IRS. You're not trying to work it out with them." Douglas said based on the taxes they owed, she earned at least $1 million  over 2013 and 2014,even after deductions. Although Mo'Nique won an Oscar in 2010 for best supporting actress in "Precious," she has had relatively few film and TV roles since then. And her BET talk show was cancelled in 2011.  see video below

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